Arequipa: Trekking the Colca Canyon

arequipa caminata en el colca dia 1


Day 1


Very early in the morning (around 4 am) we will pick you up from your hotel in Arequipa and transferyou to Chivay for breakfast. The ride out to the starting point in Cabanaconde is about 6 hours long, and is an extremely beautiful drive. After breakfast at Chivay, we will make out our way to the famous, Cruz del Condor, where we will spend some time to soak up the beautiful views as well as have out Lunch for the day.
From Cabanaconde, we will be walking down into the canyon for about 3 ½ hrs. descending approximately 1000 meter to the illustrious Colca River, where we can relax for a little bit. When we continue, we will need to cross a bridge to come to our final stop for the day at Yahuar. That is where we will find some hot springs and have the opportunity to fish some trouts.