Commumity Cleaning, Plastic Recycling and Compost Producing (2 Days / 1 Nigth)

limpieza de la comunidad reciclaje de plasticos y produccion de compost 2 dias 1 noche
Duration Location Season Minimum Maximum
2 days /1 night Ollantaytambo / Selected Community. From April to December. 1 passenger 12 passengers

Participants with a group of local inhabitants will recollect all garbage from the community and separate them into biodegradable, recyclable plastic and non-degradable. They will then build a compost producing structure, where they will place the biodegradable garbage to produce compost, a fertilizer used in agriculture. The recyclable plastic will be transferred back to Cusco and sold to the Recycling Company and then the money will be sent to the community. The Non recyclable garbage will be sent to the major town, where they have specific places where to store it.




After an early breakfast, passengers will be met by their guide at the hotel and then be transferred to a store where they can buy three different big size buckets and plastic bags, which will be used to store and carry garbage. Then they will proceed to go to selected community. Here they will be met by a member of the family that they will help, who will direct them to their property. Here, with the help of family members, passengers will start cleaning the property of any invasive material that can be considered garbage. Then, passengers will return to the house and teach family members how to select and separate garbage into plastics, metals and biodegradable garbage and then store them in the three buckets previously bought. A box lunch will be provided. In the afternoon, passengers will plan with family members where and how they will build the compost producing structure, all tools and materials will be provided by the family. Guides will be previously trained on this matter in order to be capable to provide the proper assistance.
At the end passengers will go to major town accompanied by a family member of the community, where they will take the plastics that will be sold or donate in the local recycling company, then the family member will be able to do that the next time by himself making it sustainable. The money that they will get will be given to the family the next morning. Finally passengers will return to their hotel. Dinner on your own.
Box lunch / Dinner (For camping / home stay version)
Box lunch (For non camping / home stay version)