Deliver School Material

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Duration 7 hours

Without this support the children would not receive the invaluable educational support that the school materials such extra books, pencils and crayons provide them with.

  • School Materials KIT for each kid will consist in:
    • 3 pencils
    • 2 writing Books
    • 1 set of Crayons
    • 1 Sharpener

Prior to activity day, passengers must contact our office from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm, in order coordinate a representative that will receive the donation amount, which can be voluntary or can be the school materials kit for each kid. If passengers are making a voluntary donation, they may purchase or to bring their own school materials helped by their guide the day of activity.

Itinerary description

After an early breakfast, passengers will be met by their guide at their hotel. If they have purchased the set of school materials kits, they will proceed to be transferred to selected school; if they will purchase the materials by themselves, they will go with their guide to a “Libreria” where they will buy their donation, to then be transferred to selected community school. Upon arrival to community school, passengers will be received by the local teacher who will then gather kids in order to receive the donation. After this noble activity, passengers will have the chance to interact with the kids, play some songs or games before return back to their hotel or to another place stated in their trip itinerary.Box lunch)