Door to Door Hygiene Assessment

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Duration 7 hours

Participants will visit each house in the community and provide villagers with soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, paste and teach them how to use them. Hygiene is an important issue in this area but is not practicable by the kids due the daily activities where kids have to work after go to school.

The personal Hygiene KIT will consist in:

  • 5 Tooth brushes.
  • 2 Tooth pastes.
  • Biodegradable Soaps.
  • 1 Shampoo.

Number of families that may be benefitted: 30 families

Prior to activity passengers must contact us in order to coordinate donation. The amount of donation may be volunteer, meaning that participants may purchase as much Hygiene kits as they can. Guest can bring, buy it or just bring the money will to an Apumayo representative who will buy items and prepare the kits and then deliver them to passengers the day the activity will take place.

Itinerary description

After a very early breakfast, passengers will meet their guide at their hotel to then be transferred to selected community. Here participants will meet a representative from the community who will help them get to the houses, which previously were advised of our visit. Getting to the houses will not be easy, some houses are located far from each other and may take as much as 30 minutes walking uphill to reach them; the most distant houses host the families with more needs. At each house participants will provide 1 Hygiene kit per family and then will teach family members, that are present, the proper use of each item. A box Lunch will be provided. At the end passengers will be transferred back to their hotel or to another place stated in their trip itinerary.(Box lunch)