Native Tree Project

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Duration 7 Hours

Over the years we have seen how human activity destroys nature, even when trying to minimize our negative impact we cause damage. For this reason we encourage our clients to participate in activities which leave a positive footprint in their path. We are now working to support reforestation projects in different locations that involve tourist participation and connect them as part of a “1 plant for the Planet” project held by United Nations. Participants will donate an established amount of money to buy a list of materials that will be given to their guide, in coordination with Apumayo Expediciones representative, then this materials will be used to continue the different works like constructing the irrigation system, green house, water store, pay salaries or other duties for the reforestation project, then participants will plant native trees which would then take the name of the tourist. That initiatives project also includes the recreation of natural spots, the maintenance of these trees by creating job positions for woman and scholar age kids and an economic active which will support them in the future.

Native trees Planted:

  • Queuña
  • Tara
  • Aliso
  • Huaranguay
  • Sauce

Itinerary description

Early in the morning, passengers will be transferred to a local store where they will buy the items needed to build what reforestation project need. The list of materials will be given by their guide, who will ask for them Apumayo’s representative. With the previously established amount of money, passengers, with the help of their guide will buy what can be bought with that amount of money. After buying the needed items passengers will be transferred to selected community. Here participants will meet their local guide who will direct them to the place where the project is happening. A local representative and our guide will then show them what will be their work, and will supervise every detail. After finalizing this work, passengers will proceed to enjoy a boxed or pic nic lunch. After lunch the community representative will give participants their trees and will also give them a short explanation on how to plant the trees. Passengers will make their own whole and will plant the trees by themselves. Then the guide will give each participant a symbolic certificate that states that they have contributed with a tree for this project. Then passengers will proceed to be transferred back to their hotel.


NOTE: Other groups that finish their trips near the plantation area may also be part of this project. It is understood that transportation is already included in their previous package.