Supply Healthy Breakfast to the Local School Kids

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Duration 7 hours

This is sometimes the first meal of the day for the children and is especially important, as many of them have to walk more than an hour a day to get to school. This is often after they have had to help their parents feed the animals and look after their younger siblings.

Ingredients Nutritional facts for breakfasts:A balanced nutrition for Kids in a growing age must be:

Kcal: 2000 divided in:

  • Proteins: 20%
  • Carbohydrates: 50%
  • Fat: 30%

We propose 2 different breakfast options:

First option:

Meal Kcal Prot (grs) CHO (grs) Fat (grs)
1 piece of bread 87.3 2.5 19.1 0.06
1 cup of milk 143 7 10.9 8.1
1 piece of cheese 158.4 11.2 1.3 12
1 banana 83 1.5 21 0.3
Total 471.7 22.2 52.3 20.46

Second option:

Meal Kcal Prot (grs) CHO (grs) Fat (grs)
1 cup of oat meal 79.5 1.9 16.35 0.75
2 boiled eggs 166.8 15.5 2.3 10.1
1 cup of milk 143 7 10.9 8.1
1 apple 54 0.3 14.6 0.1
Total 443.3 24.7 44.15 19.05

Amount of kids being benefited: 30

Itinerary description:

Very early in the morning passengers will be picked up from their hotel and transferred to Local market. Helped by their guide, they will purchase the following breakfast Ingredients:

  • Oat Meal
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Bread

The first option is that these items will be bought directly by participants, approximate amount of money US$60 for the whole breakfast for 30 kids. The amount of each item will be based on the 2 proposed breakfast options. After purchasing everything needed to prepare breakfast, passengers will be transferred to selected school. There they will be received by the teacher who will direct them to the school kitchen where they will prepare breakfast for kids. After preparing breakfast, the teacher will gather the students in order so passengers will be able to provide breakfast. At the end passengers will be transferred back to their hotel or another place indicated in their trip itinerary

(Box lunch)

Donations: Some of them can be voluntary and some of them are previously established. Established amounts are explained at each programs introduction. If clients want to donate certain amount of money, we operate as coordinators in order to recommend and find where and how to invest it in the best way, making the activity and support the most real and helpful as possibly.