Pachamanca a Peruvian Delicatessen

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“Pachamanca” meaning in Quechua “Earth Pot” is a traditional cooking technique based on the stewing by rock heat, which are previously heated. The main idea is to cook ingredients with this heat underground, using banana leaves to separate ingredients from rocks and soil. The main ingredients are lamb, chicken, pork and guinea pig previously marinated with Andean spices, also different sorts of potatoes, corn and Andean aromatic herbs which give a unique flavor to this exotic dish. You will have the chance to participate in the preparation of a traditional Pachamanca and learn the ancient techniques used for centuries by Andean people to create this unique way of cooking.

Duration 7 Hours
Location Sacred Valley
Season All year Round
Level Easy activity. No prior experience required
Minimum 1 Passenger

Itinerary description:

Transfer from your hotel to a local market located in Urubamba. Here passengers will immerse into the local commercial place, a real in depth cultural experience, where you will put in alert your 5 five senses. New smells, colors, textures, sounds and tastes will introduce you to a new cuisine concept. From the marketplace, passengers will be transferred to our lunch spot near Ollantaytambo, where passengers will meet their cooks that will teach them how to elaborate a traditional Pachamanca. After helping preparing the ingredients and placing them under ground and have to wait for a while, passengers will enjoy a Mother earth or Pachamama ceremony, which is a worshiping mother Earth and thanking her for the food they will eat. Then the Pachamanca will be opened and dishes will be served. After lunch, passengers will be transferred back to their hotel.