Peru, One of the 8 mega-diverse countries in the world offers Taylor made experiences and a chance to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Inheritors of an ancient culture, with hundreds of archaeological sites, Peru was home to Pre-Hispanic cultures, vestiges of which continue alive through present day customs and traditions of Andean people.

From the coast to the mountains and the lowland rain forest, you can enjoy a unique mixture of culture, history, adventure and nature as well as an unimaginable variety of foods complemented with the hospitality and warmth of its people.

Enjoy each journey created to you by our team.


Arequipa very well known as the White city. It is a wonderful destination where the famous flight of the Condor takes place.

Here is where the deepest South American canyon is located where all visitors could take multi activities since moderate conventional tours around The Colca Canyon to one of the most demanding trekking in Peru or White River rafting activities fully of adrenaline and Adventure.

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Northen Peru: Trujillo- Chiclayo

Trujillo and Chiclayo are the main Cities located on the North o Peru where the best beaches and paradisiacal lodges are located. Imagine you in a bedouin tent just right in front of the beach listening to the relaxing sound of the waves during the night. Learn how to surf with the best trainers we have chosen for you.

Learn about the ancient summit of Sipan, visit Chan - Chan citadel which is the only citadel made of mud in the whole world.

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Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest, it is also well known as Amazonia. It is one of the world's greatest natural resources.

The Peruvian Amazonia has the major fauna and flora diversity in which all visitors have the opportunity to have what a natural paradise can give you. The sound of the Amazon River, the whole natural environment, the sing of the birds; all combined in just one place give all travelers the peace and adventure that they are looking for.

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The Best South part of Peru starts just right here where "The small Galapagos" takes place at the Ballestas Islands, also It is the cradle of marine animal. Ica and Pisco are the earth of our National drink well know in the world as "THE PERUVIAN PISCO" and just to finalize the South Journey the Nazca lines are a must for all travelers around the world.


Our Capital. "City of the Kings" as many people know it.Lima is a beautiful City located in the Peruvian coast. It is in fact the Peruvian Metropolis where the majority of the industries are located.

It is a city in which all travelers can find since culture and tradition to one of finest culinary options that Peru can offer.

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Puno - Titicaca Lake

Experience the alive Andean Culture of the people who live in the floating islands located in the Titicaca Lake.

Come to experience a different activity by Kayaking in the Andes or just chill out in one of the finest hotels located in the middle of nowhere and take the multiday activities that we can offer you at this wonderful and colorful city, Puno cuddle of the Uros Culture.

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