Environmental And Social Policy

Fair Trade in Tourism

Apumayo Expediciones is the only adventure company doing environmental campaigns to protect the rivers where we work in Peru. Also, in the end of every rafting trip in the section of Ollantaytambo we contract local services for lunch from a local restaurant belong a family from the local community of Cachiccata (Ollantaytambo). In any trip taken with us, our clients are helping to support this effort directly in different ways, because part of the cost is used to support activities and special campaigns such Vilcanota river clean ups, protection of Qeunua relict forest, environmental education, training people in new jobs and reforestation.

Apumayo and associates are developing an ecotourism program in the community of Cachiccata near to Ollantaytambo, with the aim to share the profit of tourism with the local community.

Environmental Sustainability

True sustainability in all our business planning and operations. Specifically, to ensure that the natural and cultural values of the regions in which we operate are not undermined.Minimal environmental impact at all stages of the business. Our wilderness journeys should always operate under minimal impact guidelines, while our offices should be run on the lines of maximum efficiency and minimal waste.Contribution to conservation. Where possible we will engage in partnerships with local environmental groups to actively campaign for conservation or to promote environmental protection and rehabilitation.

Responsible Travel

  • Our operations should maximise the positive effects of tourism on the host communities. This includes the employment of local staff, using local suppliers and developing sustainable businesses for them.
  • Minimise the negative effects of tourism. This includes ensuring that tourism does not divert resources away from local communities or drive up the prices of local resources.
  • Provide opportunities for cultural exchange, where we share and learn from the local communities.
  • Contribute towards host community welfare. Where possible we will engage in partnerships with other companies and clients to develop programmes that can assist the host communities. This may include support for health, education or environmental protection matters.
  • We aim to increase your knowledge of the destination in order to encourage appropriate behaviour and minimise the cultural and environmental impact.

Excursions / Activities

Apumayo expediciones offers township experiences in the main cities like Lima, Arequipa and Cusco, giving an overview of the social history of the city through the interpretation of the historical sites, museums and modern side as well. We combine it with many outdoor tours, soft for people without experience or families and hard activities for the ones looking for adrenaline. All of them are development from us, following client requirements, expertise, fit level or any special interest. We also offer fixed scheduled departures programs and activities where travel agents can book their clients or any buddy looking at the internet can find us and join our trips.

Our guides are the top available in Peru with many years of experience and guiding all over the world, well trained in culture, interpretation, safety, rescue and first aid. They made the difference and approach our visitors to the local culture. The gear we use for our activities are under international standards and help out to create a comfortable “wild” lifetime experiences. Our trained staff of cookers during camps or in city with the selections of restaurants will give you another experiences based in the Andean products, call as Novo-andina food .