Trujillo & Chiclayo: The Moche kingdom

Tour through northern Peru where we can appreciate its incredible archaeological attractions such as the Huaca de la luna, which is a mud pyramid, Chan Chan, capital of the Chimú dynasty, which is the longest sludge construction in America, and the archaeological site of Túcume that are 26 truncated pyramids.

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Trujillo: Chanchan Temple and Huaca La Luna

Tour to Chan Chan, the capital of the Chimu dynasty and the largest mud city in America. Discover the pre-Inca culture Moche in the Huaca de la Luna, which is a pyramid built and also visit the monument and its museum site.

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Chiclayo: Lord of Sipan kingdom

Tour in the north of Peru where you will visit the Reign of the Lord of Sipán. You will visit the Royal Tombs Museum, which is the most important archaeological discovery in Latin America in the last 30 years.

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