Trujillo & Chiclayo: The Moche kingdom

Level Easy, Moderate.
Duration 3 Days / 2 Nights
Location North Coast of Peru
Season All year round
Departures Every day upon request

Itinerary Description:


Morning arrival by flight or bus to Trujillo, transfer to selected hotel in Trujillo or Huanchaco.

Private tour to Huaca de la luna, an adobe mud pyramid made by the Moche culture (100 - 750 AC) which is decorated with mural paintings that represent their main deity, Ai–Paec, known as the “Decapitator ”. Visit to the monument and its interesting site museum. Afterwards we visit the beach town Huanchaco, where Fishermen have fished with reed boats “caballitos de totora” made of totora reed since pre-Inca times.

Visit to Chan Chan, the capital de Chimú dynasty (1200 a 1470 AC) and the largest mud clay (adobe) city of America. Visit of one palace and the site museum.

Overnight and breakfast in a hotel.


Private transport to Chiclayo. After 1.5h driving we reach Huaca el Brujo. This monumental adobe pyramid was used by different cultures and was during the Moche period (100 - 750 AC) the place where lived the Lady of Cao, the first female emperor in Peru (100 AC). The mural paintings are again very intact and in the site museum we can find the remains and the belongings of the Lady of Cao.

Continue to Chiclayo.

PM: visit to the centre of Chiclayo and its herbal market, place where the traditional doctors (Shamans) buy their herbs. Another option is a tour to Monsefu, place where you can buy handicrafts. Later we visit Santa Rosa to see traditional fishing activities and we end in Pimentel where you find the second place in Peru where fishers use “caballitos de totora” made of totora reed.

Overnight and breakfast in a hotel.


Private Tour: Visit to the archeological site of Túcume where we can observe 26 truncated pyramids of up to 35 meters high from the Lambayeque culture (800-1470 AC). Afterwards we visit the splendid museum Tumbas Reales with the remains of the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, the most important archeological discovery in Latin America of the last 30 years.

In the afternoon visit to the archeological site of Huaca Rajada (the tomb of the Lord of Sipán) where in 1987 were found the remains of a leader of the Mochica hierarchy.

Transfer to the bus station or the airport for connections to other Peruvian cities.

NOTE: Ask our crew about the different hotels options