FD Lima - Paracas - Nazca Lines - Lima

Explore the beaches of Ica, south of Lima. You will visit the Ballestas Islands and there you will see El Candelabro, in addition where different marine species live like birds of the place, sea lions.

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Overflight Nazca Lines & Archeological Tour

Explore the Nazca lines, a mystery of pre-Incan culture. We will visit the Maria Reiche Museum first, then stop at a lookout point where we can see hieroglyphics and end with a flyover to the Nazca lines.

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Tour de Buggies + Sundboard

Tour where you will appreciate the breathtaking scenery, and you will enjoy the breeze and the sun. One will allow you to enjoy the sand, dirt, rocks, climb and descend on the dunes, and experience lots of adrenaline.

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