Ballestas Islands And The Paracas National Reserves Of Paracas

islas ballestas y reserva nacional de paracas g


We will leave from the private pier of the Paracas Hotel to the Ballestas Islands, during our boat trip of two hours, the Paracas Bay, San Martín Port and the Candelabro will be seem by us. the candelabro is a geoglyhps located on the north-west of the Peninsula of Parcas, the boat will stop in front of that figure for some minutes to take pictures.
Then, the boat will continue on the trip to the Islands, place where we will see great colonies of seabirds as : Inca terns, peruvian boobies, humboldt penguins, turkey, vultures, and sea mammals like sea lions. After the boat trip we will return to the pier.
Our second tour will be the Paracas National Reserve, inside the place visit the Interpretation Center of the Paracas National Reserve (there are photos about fauna and flora of the Reserve on display).
Then we will visit the Lagunillas and Yumaque beaches, beautiful places to see the view of the desert in this Reserve and the sea.
The last stop will be in “El Obelisco de la Independencia”, it is a symbol of 150 Aniversary of the Peruvian Independence.