Overflight Nazca Lines & Archeological Tour

sobrevuelo a las lineas de nazca tour arqueologico g


On our way to Nasca, we’ll stop in Maria Recihe’s House Museum where there are some potteries, textils, maps of the nasca lines made by the Dr.Maria Recihe who lived there for many years. Maria Reiche and her sister were buried there.
Then in 423 kms of the Panamerican Highway we will find a Metalic Viewfinder from where we will be able to see three geoglyphs : The Hands, The Tree and The Lizard but the lizard’s tail is cut by the road.
Then we’ll continue on our trip to Nasca for going to the airport, to fly over the mysterious Nasca Lines which are on a flat land of 500 km2 approximatly. They were made by the Nasca people (Nasca Culture) and there are several theories about their origen.
Subsequently, we’ll begin our archaeological tour visiting the following places: The Aqueducts of Cantalloc, located 4 kms from the Nasca city. They are defined as an underground system of irrigation that dates from 300 ac approximatly. The underground channels were built of rivers stones and flat stones called “Laja” which were used to cover the underground channels as a roof . All they still take water to irrigate the thristy lands of Nasca.
Finally, we’ll visit the Paredones Ruins, that is located 3 kms from Nasca city. it is an Inca Administrative Center that dates from 1470 approximatly. The base of its construccion is in adobe to be finished in stone . It was built for specific purposes such as exercising administrative control and being the link between the Coast and the Highlands.