Tour de Buggies + Sundboard

tour de buggies areneros sundboard g


It is a vehicle whose original chassis has been replaced by a structure of tubes, eliminating doors, roof, windows and chassis that cover the mechanical parts, resulting a vehicle of very low weight, thoroughly improving the stability. It has armchair seats with their respective seat belts.
When a passenger gets on a dune buggie he/she feels outdoors but with the protection of the tubular chassis, allowing him/her to enjoy the sun, the breeze and the landscape; adding the fact of being able to move freely on any kind of terrain: sand, earth, stone, rock; to ascend and descend hills or dunes of different sizes, besides sorting all type of difficulties characteristic of the desert; we offer the user a mixture of adventure, emotion and an unforgettable experience in contact with nature.
Depending on the hour will can enjoy an spectacular dawn, sunset, or observe a sky full of stars during a night time tour.
Likewise, it allows us to enlarge our knowledge with regard to the desert, develop a relation with Peru and a respect for the nature; to foment the family union while living together a wonderful experience and sharing emotions.
The tour favors our health, because it helps to eliminate tension and stress.
For Peruvians who are accustomed to observe the desert from the highway, it is surprising to see it from another point of view.