Back To The Roots Of Pre-Hispanic Music. Half Day

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Experience the sounds of the past in this musical adventure in the heart of the Andes. Discover musical history in its purest essence by being introduced to the Andean value of sounds immersed in the spiritual concepts of life in each instrument. For 2 hours encounter ancient sounds of war, harvest and love and even your own spiritual sound in this mystical endeavour.

Duration 2 hours (1 hour of music exhibition).
Location Cusco city
Description Unique experience. Cultural interaction.
Departures Upon request all year round.

Itinerary description:

From your hotel in Cusco you will be transferred to Maestro Almonacid’s house. He is a preserver of pre-Hispanic music culture, and he stores over 4,000 ancient instruments in a small museum in his house. One amazing thing is that he plays every single one of them. Upon arrival he will show you to his private museum where all these antiques are stored. After showing some of the instruments he will then proceed to gather everyone together in a circle around a fire, where he will explain significance of about 20 different instruments and play them to make you understand the importance of each sound in the Andean Cosmo-vision. He will then take you to his music workshop where he will show you how to make an instrument. At the end of this unique musical experience you will be transferred back to your hotel.