Pachamama Ceremony: An Andean Prayer. Half Day

ceremonia a la pachamama oracion andina medio dia
Duration Location Departures
2:30 hrs Cusco and Sacred Valley Upon Request

Take part in a Pachamama Ceremony, in worship to Mother earth, where a traditional “Pako” an Andean Shaman will prepare your offerings and present them to the Pachamama. Mysticism and culture will be the highlights of this one in a lifetime experience. This activity is an original recreation that inhabitants practice in the Andes, prayer to mother earth (Pachamama) and main glaciers and peaks for prosperity, health and happiness.

Itinerary description

Passengers will be met at their hotel by their guides who will direct them to their private vehicle that will take them to an Andean Ceremonial place, located about 30 minutes by car from their hotel. Upon arrival, we will view the “Pako” the Andean Shaman, who will direct the ceremony. Every one of the participants will be provided with three coca leafs which represent the Andean trilogy, part of the Andean Cosmo-vision of life. The ceremony will take about 1 hour, and every participant will be asked for a wish to Mother Earth and will blow air to the coca leafs and then one of their guides will collect them and present them to the Altar, where the Pako will ask Mother Earth to make real every wish.
After the ceremony, passengers will hike back to their vehicles and will be transferred back to their hotel.