Puno: Mountain Biking nearby the Lake

It begins the adventure in one of the highest points of Puno known as Mountain Yanamayo. They will enjoy the incredible landscapes and fields as well as explore the National Reserve of Lake Titicaca.

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Puno: Sillustani archeological site

Sillustani is an Inca cemetery and Pre Inca to the north of Puno. On this visit you will immerse yourself in the culture and will be surrounded by wonderful landscapes.

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Puno: Titicaca Lake Experience

The Apurimac River, source of the Amazon River, is one of the most incredible whitewater rafting trips, with 50 rapids along the 4 days, hikes and amazing campsites near by the river. This river is considering one of the 10 best rivers in the world for white water journeys.

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