We did have a lifetime experience and your orgainzation was first class. We really like your country and culture and people very much. Feel free to use any of us as references and we hope that one day, we may be able to return and will keep your contact information for sure and mention your company to others.



Apumayo Testimonial

The View from the Top of the Wolrd

I went to Peru for the Holidays with my mother, visiing friends and family in Miraflores, Lima. My goal for this trip was to visit Machu Picchu and connect to my cultural heritage. I am a first generation Peruvian-American and was weaned on my dad's tales of life in the sierra and Andean Folklore...

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Jonna Fitzgerald PERU TRIP


Hi Pepe,
We are back in Hawaii after a wonderful trip to Peru. I want to thank you for arranging such a great trip for us. It went like clock work, no trouble,

even the weather was great. I realize that we were very last minute in planning and again thank you for your patience with us.

Roxana, our guide in Lima was great. She gave us a great tour, was very knowledgeable and friendly. We all really enjoyed her. ( I hope I have spelled her name correctly.)

The Puerto Maldonado/Refugio Amazonas/ Tambopata part of the trip was very interesting. The river was awesome, the lodges beautiful, and our guide, Sixtos, was very good. There was a lot of rain, but he tried very hard to make sure we saw as much as possible. He is a very good jungle guide, knew a

great idea and showed us many animals, birds, fish,and plants. More on Sixtos later.

There are just a couple of small suggestions that I have to make the trip more comfortable. The boat rides were quite long, but enjoyable, however, it

would have been nice to have some water on the boat to drink. We did not realize that we should bring water.On the second day boat ride it was cold and rainy it would have been great to have a thermos of hot water and tea.
These are really small suggestions because over all we have no complaints.

Cusco is a lovely city. We enjoyed it very much. Juan Carlos was our guide in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and on the trek. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed Juan Carlos. He is the best guide that we have ever had. He is very personable, very knowledgeable, cares greatly about his country and his people, he treated everyone, us, the porters, chef, villagers, children, all with respect and friendliness. You could not ask for a better representative for you, Apumayo, or Peru than Juan Carlos.

The river raft trip was another great experience. Willy, was the perfect river guide. He again presents all that you believe in very very well. Pepe,

we are very impressed with your system to working with the village people on

the river and on the trek. The restaurant we ate at after the raft trip was such a nice surprise. Thank you for giving this group of villagers another way to add to their income. You can be very proud of the work they are doing.

The trek was a highlight of our trip. Juan Carlos did an outstanding job as the guide and all the porters and support team were wonderful. They worked so hard and made our walk a truly grand experience. You again have pick a very good group to work for Apumanyo. We really enjoyed all the different personalities.

Darning all this time our driver Andres was wonderful too. He was always there on time and with a big smile. He was very careful and we felt safe with him even on the roughest roads. Great Job, Andres.

Of course Machu Picchu is fantastic. It deserves it's grand reputation.
Staying in Agus Calientes was a perfect idea, very enjoyable.

The bus ride to Puno was interesting. It gave us a feel for another part of Peru.
We were met in Puno by our guide Javier Ramos. Javier did a great job of guiding us kayaking. He again represents you very well. He was fun and interesting to be with. We all enjoyed him very much.

The Lake Titicaca experience was great. Again you have found families to work with that did a great job. They worked very hard and we appreciated their efforts at making our trip fun and interesting. One small suggestion here. The trip out to Llachon was long and cold by the time we got there. As

you know there is no hot water, so a bowl of hot water to wash our face and hands (like we were given on the trek) would have been very nice.

One other thought, I think that "home stay" may be a little misleading. I would say that it is more like staying in a country inn or like what we would call a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) stay. To me homestay means that you sit

down with the family and share a meal or do some kind of interaction with the family. We did not experience that sort of interchange. Only the man of the home served us dinner. Both men were great, but no other family members were present. We enjoyed being in both places so please don't think that I am being critical in any way.

John was our driver to Llachon and to Juliaca. He was great too.

Jorky, was really really helpful and always checking to make sure all was fine. He is wonderful and I appreciated his help. Thank you, Jorky!!

Back to Sixtos, I did not give him the proper tip. I was not used to the money and really feel that I would like to give him a better tip. My matt was not so good. Could I send you a personal check and have you get the money to him? He did a very good job and I feel bad that the tip I gave him was not right.

So Pepe, thanks for a great experience . You are doing great work in Peru and we will highly recommend you and Apumayo to all heading in your direction. You have picked wonderful people to work with you and they are representing you very well. I wish you every success with your village programs, tree planting, and other projects that show a great love of your country, its people.

Thanks again. Your friend, Jonna Fitzgerald


We did have a lifetime experience and your orgainzation was first class. We really like your country and culture and people very much. Feel free to use any of us as references and we hope that one day, we may be able to return and will keep your contact information for sure and mention your company to others.

Thank you very much for all your help and services

All the best

Supriya Raman

Hello Jorky,
Wish you a very happy new year. I know you are on the inca trail, and I hope you are having as great a time as we did. I wanted to send this email out to thank you for all that you did to make our trip to Peru a memorable one. All the very best.

Supriya Raman

Research/Program Associate
Open Doors Organization
2551 N Clark St, Suite 301
Chicago, IL 60614