Why Travel to Peru

Peru is an Andean country located in South America. A legendary land, very well known for its ancient ruins, vibrant traditional culture, virgin mountains, rivers and pristine Amazon jungle.
In a setting of exotic geography, Peru is the greatest destination in the world for multi-day trips. The complex and irregular geography is divided lengthwise from north to south by the Andes mountain range. This is undoubtedly the main reason for the mega diversity of this extraordinarily land. The mountains are intersected into endless inter-valleys, that produce unique climates making Peru a region riddled with remarkable contrasts: arid deserts and exuberant Amazon jungles, glaciers and savannas, flower-filled valleys and white sandy beaches.
The spirit of the ancient Peruvian man, sculpted by art and religion, has given rise to a creative vein which crops up in an endless variety of shapes, rhythms and rituals. Year after year, more than 3,000 folk festivals nationwide show the living culture and recent history in the present years.
Any kind of visit to Peru will be touched by a mystic and rich cultural experience. The Andes hold a tremendous cosmic power. The abounding pre-Inca and Inca archeological remains are present all over the country and are still waiting to be completely explored and researched . Many cities and temples that have been lost in time are waiting to be discovered today by explorers from all over the world.